Thank you for visiting the website for my psychotherapy practice in Midtown Atlanta. I specialize in psychotherapy for anxiety disorders and eating disorder after-care for women. I offer Group Yoga Therapy for anxiety, depression and recovery and a Mindful and Intuitive Eating Group. I have a special interest in counseling college age and young professional women. I enjoy helping women with anxiety and stress management, body acceptance, intuitive eating, improving self-esteem, challenging perfectionism, finding work/life balance, turning self-criticism into self-compassion and more.


Do any of these sound like you?

  • You're a woman with an anxiety disorder or experiencing anxiety often enough that it is interfering with your life. Maybe you are a perfectionist, have difficulty setting boundaries with others and your work, and your inner voice is often very critical and demanding. Psychotherapy, Yoga Therapy and HRV biofeedback can help.
  • You've completed an eating disorder treatment program and are looking for after-care to continue your progress in your recovery. You are looking for an outpatient treatment team or maybe you already have a therapist and are looking for complimentary treatments. Psychotherapy, Yoga Therapy and Intuitive Eating Coaching can help.
  • You're tired of yo-yo dieting and constantly feeling stressed out about food and your body. You know there has to be a better way to take care of yourself. Or maybe you've read about Intuitive Eating and need some support implementing the concepts. Intuitive Eating Coaching can help.
  • You've heard all about the benefits of yoga and how it can help you manage your anxiety and depression but you're new to yoga and intimidated to try a class where everyone appears to be advanced and you're confused about which style of yoga will be helpful. Or maybe you've had or currently have a yoga practice that is self-punishing or unhealthy for you in some way and you want to learn how to approach yoga in a helpful way. This Yoga Therapy Group can help.